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Toronto Fashion Week Cancelled?

Toronto Fashion Week Cancelled?

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the semi-annual Toronto Fashion Week event has been cancelled. Gone are the days of designer parties, lavish cocktails, and outrageous garments taking the runway. The months of September and March will never be the same.

The decision has caused a major uproar in the fashion industry, especially since the cancellation was caused by a lack of financial support.

Senior vice-president and managing director of IMG Fashion Events & Properties, Catherine Bennet explains interview with The Canadian Press, “We really felt that our Canadian fashion footprint was not generating the local commercial funding that we really required in order for us to continue producing the event to the highest standard that, really, the industry deserves and the designers in Toronto deserve.”

For those who don’t know, 4 years ago IMG Canada, in association with IMG Fashion, assumed the role of owner/producer of Toronto Fashion Week from Fashion Design Council of Canada, a non-profit organization that had produced the event for 13 years.

Now people are asking “what does this mean for Toronto?” At this point it’s too early to say, but those involved and invested in Toronto’s fashion community think it’s time to create something new and exciting for Toronto fashion.

So in honour of TFW let’s take a look at some of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly garments we’ve seen over the past few years.

Fall/Winter 2016

 José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger

Just this past March, Montreal-based designers José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélange, former winners of the Mercedes-Benz Start-Up contest, presented a smoke show. Literally. There is LITERALLY a smoke machine in the background. But what truly struck the audience was their evening gown made entirely of chain and tulle. How French.

Fall/Winter 2011
Sunny Fong

This piece is one of my personal favourites; the little black dress. Sunny Fong took a classic, staple garment piece and added a twist. As we’ve seen, sometimes on the runway designers can take it too far and produce something over the top, but Fong perfected simplicity and femininity with this dress- not to mention his attention to detail was impeccable.

Fall/Winter 2015
Klaxon Howl

Matt Robinson

Last Spring, Klaxon Howl took us back to the days of Annie Hall, dressing female models in old fashioned menswear. The talented men’s designer is known for creating garments that reflect an earlier, more amorous time period. Yet his expert tailoring and fitted trim make this piece modern, fashionable and feminine.

Fall/Winter 2015
Farley Chatto

WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Is he a gorilla? Is he a poodle? I don’t know, but this is frightening.

Fall/Winter 2016
Greta Constantine
Kirk Peckersgill and Stephan Wong

This past year, Greta Constantine celebrated their 10 year anniversary by closing the 2016 Fall/Winter Toronto Fashion Week with some of their most unique pieces yet. Designers Kirk Peckersgill and Stephan Wong are known for thinking outside the box and never fail to create something edgy. Here, they integrated different colours, prints, and materials no one else would think of.

Fall/Winter 2014 
Christopher Bates

Now this is a men’s look I can get on board with. Although the 3-piece suit is nothing we haven’t seen before, the attention to detail, expert tailoring and sophisticated pattern make this outfit one that every man should want to get his hands on. Plus it’s always fun to see an unconventional model walk down the runway.

Fall/Winter 2016
Hilary Macmillian

Hilary Macmillan is one of Canada’s newest designers. She founded her brand in early 2012 and has been designing stunning pieces ever since. One of her most impressive is this sophisticated and sexy blush suit. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for the #GirlBosses of this century.

Fall/Winter 2014
Denis Gagnon

Year after year Denis Gagnon has created unique designs. But in 2011 her 90’s punk rock inspired collection may have gone too far. This outfit is reminiscent of one of those plush animal hats. You know the ones that also conveniently turn into a scarf and mittens?

Spring/Summer 2015
Mikael D

In 2015, Mikael D’s Spring/Summer collection was absolutely breathtaking. Each dress was a reflection of his amazing technique and design background. This dress is everything. Not only is it glamorous with a striking neckline and a contemporary take on padded shoulders, but it screams red carpet.

Fall/Winter 2011 
Jay Manuel

And finally, remember Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model? Well, he designed this cringe-worthy piece. I’m not sure what encouraged him to dress this model in three different types of knitwear, but nonetheless this ensemble proves that less is most definitely more.

Sorry Jay.

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